Philip is a professional writer, and author of the House of Kane novels. You can listen to him in action as the co-host of the Word Necromancers Podcast. When he is not writing paranormal mysteries, he sips tea and coffee while reading more than is typical of a 'normal human being.' He currently lives in Seattle, where he is a proud member of the LGBTQ community.


House of Kane Book Two

Back home in Seattle...

A year after her parent’s brutal murder, Abigail Kane finds herself struggling to put her life back together. She has good friends, a growing career, and enough hereditary magic to shape the face of the world, so what could be keeping her from moving on?

Life in Seattle was supposed to be simpler now that the war with the Thanos was over, but nightmares, visions, and grief still haunt her every day. Even with the support of her family, Abby can’t shake the feeling of something lurking at the edges of the Kane family. Could the Curse Bringers really be Cursed?

Join Abby and the rest of the Kane coven as they fight off threats a little closer to home, in this stunning sequel to the House of Kane series.

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Get the one that started it all...

House of Kane Book One

Hiding from supernatural killers isn't easy, especially for 17-year old Abigail Kane, a young witch with no training. After a rival coven of witches murders her parents, Abby is sent into hiding at a boarding school in England, but is she really safe while her family is hunting down her parent's murderers?

When a new mystery unfolds on campus, it seems Abby isn't as removed from danger as she, or her grandmother would want. Suddenly thrust into a world of horrible visions, missing students, and powerful curses, does she have what it takes to survive? Abby must become a modern witch in a world of ancient secrets, before it becomes the end of the Kane legacy.

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